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We are leaders in providing consultancy services with a set of cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced and renowned professionals. These are some options that you can hire.

Investment and Financial Advisory services

Private Banking clients from abroad, particularly from developing countries

Investment and Financial Advisory services

Private Banking clients from abroad, particularly from developing countries, establish a banking relation in Switzerland as they are seeking a Safe Haven place for their assets. Following this objective, it does not make sense then to propose investments in emerging markets or in risky assets. Consequently, we advise only in investments that accommodate for the requirement for safety and security.


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Explore, acquire, and maintain sources of wealth

Most of our client's live in countries perceived as high risk countries

Explore, acquire, and maintain sources of wealth

Most of our client's live in countries perceived as high risk countries. Countries in which their source of wealth is based, and in many cases, it is the only one. This exposes them to a potential existential risk of their Livelihood. The existential risks on livelihood is valid as well to residents in none-risky countries.

We explore, identify and acquire for our clients sources of wealth in Switzerland and make sure that their investments are well managed, profitable and continue to grow.

Thus we identify and acquire only businesses that are well managed and successful in well-defined markets. They also have high expertise level in a niche market. Management is well-working and motivated, characterised by entrepreneurship and is eager to continue the development of the company also after the acquisition. This offering can be made in compliance with the Sharia. For further details contact us

Economic Intelligence

A service of collecting and analysing open sources information and providing insights that are essential

Economic Intelligence

A service of collecting and analysing open sources information and providing insights that are essential to give yourself new strategic options and abilities.

Economic intelligence can be used in many areas, such as

  • Information collection, Monitoring and dynamic Analysis
  • Foresight and Strategic Planning
  • Perception Management
  • Business & Competitive Intelligence
  • Rik Management
  • Negotiations,
  • Asset Tracing,
  • Knowing your counterpart or with whom you are dealing with
  • Finding out the truth

Contact us and find more about this unique service offering in Switzerland and let's discuss how we can be of service.

CMS (Client Management System)

A unique Third-party Risk Management Software designed for compliance professionals

The Observer

A unique Third-party Risk Management Software designed for compliance professionals.

All-in-one, it puts technology to work for you to efficiently assess and mitigate third-party risks in accordance with various regulations at once.

Imagined as a risk management ecosystem, it allows you to deal with many aspects of risk management throughout the whole third-party relationship.

Key features:

  • Enhanced Compliance with possibility to combine or choose from two modules:
  • Anti-Corruption & white collar crimes (incl. money laundering, fraud, terrorism financing)
  • ESG (environment, human rights, health & safety)
  • Progressive 3 steps evaluation: Initial Risk Charts; Semi-automated screenings; Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Various Mitigation actions as alternative to Due Diligence
  • Enhanced Process traceability & follow-up
  • Customizable Dashboards with all the statistics needed for efficient reporting

who we are

About Company

Peak Values Ltd is an independent Wealth advisor and a member of the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (VQF). We provide a full range of financial services to private individuals and corporate clients include family office services, risk management and organizing financing solutions well as additional services such as economic intelligence solutions.



VQF a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) officially recognised by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), the VQF is obliged to supervise its members with regard to the combating of money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism.
AEGE Association of Graduates of the School of Economic Warfare, Paris.
SWISSINTEL the umbrella organization for:

  • The Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA) – former name
  • The Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning (SMCS)

FINOS Finance Ombudsman Switzerland aznon-profit association. A legally recognized ombudsman's office pursuant to Art. 84 para. 1 FinSA to mediate between all parties in case of a dispute.

BX regservices registered member at the Swiss Client Advisor Registry holding, membership Nr. FM60023

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Team of Experts

At Peak Values, we go beyond the transaction. Our family of seasoned asset management and financial professionals seek to build long lasting, personal relationships built on solid values of the highest integrity in order to achieve your goals. Everyone in our organization is considered not just an associate or a stakeholder, but rather, a member of the Peak Values family network. We are a passionate group of people who strive to bring a unique, custom perspective to help you achieve unlimited success.


Dr. Michele Bomio


Dr. Michele Bomio

Phone: +41 44 533 41 56

After obtaining PhD degree in Biotechnology from the ETH in Zurich in 1990, Michele established SAM AG. The company became quickly a leader in Sensory Research and employing 80 persons in several international locations. In 2007 Michele sold his company to a private investor and became CEO of Navyboots AG, a leading brand in the segment of premium shoes and leather, the company had annual turnover of CHF 48 Mio and 180 employees. In 2009 Michele became CEO of Thalia Bücher AG, at the time a the leading Bookstore dealer in Switzerland with CHF 48 Mio turnover and 180 employees. Michele spearhead the merger with Orell Füssli AG to become the CEO of Orell Füssli Thalia AG, a company with a total turnover of CHF 240 Mio, 1050 employees, 36 stores and 8 brands. Michele is fluent in Italian, German, English and French.


Jean-Francois Bianchi


Jean-Francois Bianchi

Senior Advisorr
Tel.: +41 44 533 41 50

Jean-Francois a specialist and a senior consultant in strategy and information engineering. Holds a Master of Press and Communication Management (EFAP, Paris) and a MBA in Strategy and Economic Intelligence (Economical Warfare School, Paris). After beginning his career in communication agency, he became chief of the communication and the external relationship of the Paris Tourist & Convention Bureau. For 20 years, he is senior advisor in communication and strategy, and has created Sensei Communication firm. He is an expert of influence and of influence strategy applied to the fields of civilian and military confrontations. He is associated Professor at the Economical Warfare School (EGE) and acts, as intervener, in several Business Schools, think tanks, associations and companies in France and abroad. He is also a guest lecturer at the Institute of National Defence Advanced Studies (IHEDN-IE). Jean-François is honorary Colonel (Fr, Ar). He graduated from the Army Superior Staff Course (ESORSEM, Paris) as well as the Joint (r) Command & Staff Course of the Canadian Forces College (CFC, Toronto). He is specialized in the area of public diplomacy, and has developed an expertise in military influence (Psyops, InfoOps, Stratcom). As last position, he was attached to the Joint Concept, Doctrinal and Experimental Centre. He participated in various operational missions, in particular in former Yugoslavia and within NATO command structures. Jean-Francois Bianchi is Knight of the French "Legion of honour" with a military title, he holds several other national, foreign and inter-allied decorations


Fares Mourad


Fares Mourad

Phone: +41 44 533 4163

Fares has 28 years of experience in various banking fields such as Treasury, Asset Management, Private Banking and Islamic Finance.

World financial institutions such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, Arab Bank, and Bank Sarasin have capitalized on his extensive experience and knowledge. At Arab Bank AG in Frankfurt, Fares was a member of the bank's supervisory board overseeing the strategic direction of the bank. At UBS and Credit Suisse Fares was responsible for developing the Islamic Finance offering while also managing a varied portfolio of mutual funds for clients. During his tenure at Bank Sarasin, he created the first complete and comprehensive Islamic Finance Private Banking platform in Switzerland. Fares graduated from the University of Jordan with a Major in Economics. He holds a post graduate diploma in Islamic Finance from the IIBI and has an Executive Masters degree in Economic Intelligence and Strategic Management from the Ecole de Guerre Economique. Fares is fluent in English, German, French and Arabic.

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